Nuvim® Vitamin Mix

NuVim a breakthrough product to maintain an enhanced immune system and muscle & bone health.

Contains essential vitamins, minerals and exclusive MunePro and AccuFlex.

Your health matters!

Nuvim® addresses a wide range of consumer needs including joint pain, muscle flexibility, tired/run down, wellness, athletic training/muscle recovery. Product supported by 35 years clinical research, $50 million invested in R&D, 200 scientific publications and 50 human studies.


Immune Enhancement


Low Sugar & Calories

FUll Service Pharmacy

Health Benefits for all your Needs.

NuVim® addresses a wide range of increasingly important consumer needs for the entire family.

The Nuvim Story

Nuvim® is a publicly traded company that produces, distributes and markets beverage products, based on clinically proven health benefits.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

“I have been using NuVim® now for two years. I play on the LPGA tour and NuVim® is such a great product to use on the road. I have introduced the powder mix form to other girls on the tour. They love it. It helps us to stay healthy and not get sick when flying on planes every week”
Allison Hanna

LPGA Tour Professional

“About two years ago I discovered a product called NuVim® that I would like to share some information with you. NuVim® is well researched and it works. I like to pass along nutritional information that I can count on. NuVim® can make a difference in your life”
Ruth Carey, RD, CSSD, LD

Nutrition Consultant, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics